Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Temple of Hephaestus

For all you who are interested in some of the sites of Athens, I'd like to share a special photograph with you (Abi, this counts as your "Picture of the Week").

So far, it's one of my favorites. Leandra Lisa Lambert (a friend who I met here; Wellesley '11) and I were walking around the Agora, the ancient marketplace and the location of many ancient civic buildings. In the picture you can see the Temple of Hephaestus set against the backdrop of modern buildings. The beautiful mountains toward the back are shrouded in dim clouds.

Later this evening I will be attending with my class one of the largest social demonstrations on behalf of immigrants who are urging the government to sign into law the proposed reforms regarding acquisition of citizenship. Thousands will be there, including people from immigrant organizations, political parties from both the right and the left, and the extremists! I'll let you know more about that later, though.

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  1. don't get hurt!!!!!

    the amount of history you are surrounded by is astounding! i encourage you to take MILLIONS of pictures, so we can be as much a part of it as possible!!!

    LLL from wellesley?! one of my good friends from high school almost went there, but decided on Kalamazoo College instead. there is a good carillon there, if i remember correctly. i feel like steven has mentioned it a few times.

    miss ya.