Thursday, March 11, 2010

Social Change in Greece

And now for a sociological discussion! Being here in Greece is certainly a perfect time to discuss the nature of social change, contentious politics, and the responses of a culture to both domestic and international policy. Below are links to online news articles that demonstrate everything from today's strike (the country will be crippled today) to opinions from the Premier himself. It's interesting indeed; check it out!

BBC: "Greece set for second general strike in a month"

This strike will most likely play host to a preponderance of violence. All the journalists will be demonstrating, so the only way to get coverage of the actual events are from external sources. Trust the BBC to be your provider.

Kathimerini: "Strike to paralyze services again"

Athens-based newspaper, with article in English. States the details of the strike, including what sectors of the economy, locations in the city, times, civic ministries closed. Because the journalists are demonstrating today, you will notice that the Kathimerini website still says "Wednesday, 10 March 2010" even though it's Thursday today.

New York Times: Op-Ed Contributor, "Greece Is Not an Island"

As Prime Minister George Papandreou visited the United States earlier this week, he also gave some input about his country's reform measures to the New York Times. His writing is succinct, eloquent, and reflects truthfully the attempts of his government to reduce the state's debt. By reading even a few lines of his prose, you will get a sense of the dire situation this country is in, but also of the hope that many people have for change. I could read his writing all day!

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