Monday, March 8, 2010

Taste of the Peloponnese

The program coordinates two study-travel trips, one through the Peloponnese and another through Macedonia and other areas of Northern Greece. We returned from the Peloponnese last Saturday, and I thought I'd share some of the stunning landscapes with you.

We were transient for five days and stayed at a different hotel every night. Although by the end of the trip we were exhausted (I never thought before this trip I'd anticipate being in my bed in Athens), we got the opportunity to visit
many archaeological and historical sites. Among other places, we saw Sparta, Mistra, Nafplion, Olympia (the original Olympic games), Pylos, and Mycenae.

I also learned that I like
Mycenaen art a lot.

The ruins and churches of Mistra, all surrounding the citadel on top of a mountain

Bob and me posing on a wall of the citadel at Mistra

An old Venetian fortress


  1. Hi David! This is Christy Vassel (Darren's wife and Pearl's friend). Darren's family is from Florina in northern Greece (formerly Macedonia). He was there in '97 and loved the town square (for lack of a better term). He said everyone would meet there at dusk and eat in the cafes. We are enjoying your blog and would love to see your pictures!

    Take care and thanks for sharing with us!